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Article as PDF - Hettich - 02/12/2014
er convenience Whether in the kitchen, living-room, bathroom or office: the trend towards purist furniture design is unbroken. The mechanical push to open function and the Easys electromechanical opening system provide opening systems for all parts of the home. Push to open function for drawers and hinged doors The push to open function underscores purist furniture design while providing the tried and proven qualities of Quadro drawer runners. A light press on the drawer front activates the open
Catalogue Furniture Fittings and Applications - Hettich - 02/12/2014
red by the customer: create a clear view and easy access to stored contents. The flexible organiser systems can be adapted to the users  individual requirements. High-quality materials and an attractive design create an aura of first-class quality. Convoy Lavido larder unit for installation behind hinged or sliding doors. Ensures a clear view of the stored goods and easy access. The shelves can be infinitely adjusted in height - even when fully laden. Noiseless running.
SYSTEMA TOP 2000 Hanging file frame for ... - Hettich - 02/12/2014
SYSTEMA TOP 2000 Hanging file frame for cupboards Cabinet depth 400 mm SYSTEMA TOP 2000 Hanging file frame for storage wall and single cabinets with drawer fronts or hinged doors Lock activators are pre-mounted on the hanging file frame Toolless slide-on mounting steel powder coated black or aluminium finish 400 AB AT IT for drawer front IB for
Freedom unlimited - Hettich - 02/12/2014
ng mounted to the cabinet side panel. It makes light work even of large and heavy doors that fold open and shut at a touch. Safe, sturdy and reliable, Wing Line 77 is a good solution for doors in frequent use, for example in hotels or the home. The cabinet construction is as straight forward as for hinged doors, because the cabinet sides take the weight of the door panels. Transverse rollers on the runners guarantee easy door action even with very wide door panels. 4 The assembly technology of t
News Glass Doors(en) - 17/03/2012
05.2011 Demountable partitions and office furniture GLASS DOORS « sliding doors » and « swing doors » (double action) An aesthetical frameless solution SWING DOORS : SLIDING DOORS : - They will be hinged on double action hinges. - They do not need any floor pivot or floor spring. - With their hold-closed hinges, they do not require any door closer. - They can be suspended under the ceiling or wall-mounted. - They perfectly match the design of our ID1 and ID2 glass walls. For safety reason, glass
Top Line 22 - 10/02/2012
22 for overlay sliding doors Sliding door fitting Top Line 22 obviates the need for a fascia panel. Overlay doors provide plenty of new design scope. This is added to the versatility of being able to use three door functions on the same carcase. Using one basic carcase, cabinets can be fitted with hinged doors, sliding doors (Top Line 22), folding/sliding doors (Wing 77) or folding doors (Wing Line 77). The large rollers on the runners are equipped with high-quality steel ball bearings. This en
01 MC300 400I SWING - 09/04/2011
CANCELLI AUTOMATICI MC300/400I - SWING DX AUTOMAZIONI PER CANCELLI A BATTENTE SX AUTOMATISMES POUR PORTAILS A BATTANTS ACTUATING SYSTEM FOR HINGED GATES AUTOMATISIERUNG FÜR FLÜGELTORE AUTOMATIZACION PARA PORTONES CON HOJAS Semplice : Sicuro e Silenzioso: Affidabile e Robusto: Attuatore da esterno per l'automazione di cancelli a battente con ante fino a 2 metri e kit di montaggio. Installazione semplice e guidata con accessori e staffe regolab
01 MC300 400I SWING MAN - 09/04/2011
atrc80 - 09/04/2011
oser being successfully crash tested, stopping a 7500kg lorry travelling at 80kph Anti Terra Series All the Anti Terra Series has been successfully impacted with a 7500kg lorry travelling at 80kph in accordance with PAS 68-69 2007 and Department of State K12 standard. Terra Blocker Terra Beam TERRA Hinged Gate ATHC-80 Frontier-Pitts, based in Crawley, Sussex, is the acknowledged leading manufacturer of gates, barriers and road blockers. Our complete range of products and services is the result o
2 safety guide for hinged gates GB ottobre05 - 09/04/2011
Installer: (Name, address, telephone) UNAC GUIDE No. 2 FOR THE MOTORISATION OF HINGED GATES IN ACCORDANCE WITH MACHINERY DIRECTIVE 98/37/EEC AND THE APPLICABLE PARTS OF STANDARDS EN 13241-1, EN 12453, EN 12445 With this publication UNAC sets out to inform and assist installers in applying the specifications of the directives and of European standards concerning the safe use of motor
codeDS - 09/04/2011
trical or Protocol version) 11th Character = Mounting option 12th Character = Flexi or Glass 13-Blank 14-17th Characters Customer account No. or STCK indicating stocked item. 18-Blank 19-20th Character = Variant Number 21st Character Onwards (if needed) IS = Intrinsically Safe Call Point and or C = Hinged cover Introduction KAC call points codes appear complex but contain a great deal of information regarding the product. Once broken down into their constituent parts the codes can be useful in i
LTR157 - 09/04/2011
n. Sealed to IP67 MOUNTING BOXES SR MR ETT1 ETT3 Surface Mounting Box Metal Surface Mounting Box Adaptor tray ­ Europe Adaptor tray ­ US/Australian ACCESSORIES KG1 x 10 SC070 SC071 PS200 P056 PS210 Pack of 10 Spare Glass Elements Pack of 10 Spare Test Keys Pack of 20 Spare MCP Terminals Transparent Hinged Cover Pack of 5
LifeSystem D GB WE - 09/04/2011
Sanitär | Barrierefrei | LifeSystem White Edition Sanitary | Barrierfree | LifeSystem White Edition LifeSystem LifeSystem LifeSystem White Edition LifeSystem White Edition Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt With the Focus on Man Stützklappgriff Hinged support rail Duschsitze Shower seats Spiegelablagen Mirror shelfes Accessoires Accessoires 3 4 6 8 10 LifeSystem LifeSystem Am Waschbecken Basin area Am WC Toilet area In der Dusche Shower area 12 14 15 LifeSystem White Edition LifeSystem White Edition Lif
Entry Door Install - 09/04/2011
SIDE-HINGED DOOR UNIT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Some dwelling designs/conditions may require special installation steps, consult your architect, design professional and/or product manufacturer for additional guidance. Step 1: Prepare Rough Opening Step 3: Prepare Door Unit Remove all packaging materials such a
Patio Door Install - 09/04/2011
er used to frame the rough opening. · Jamb is wider than framing lumber to allow the jamb to overlap the wallboard, panelling, siding etc. · Brickmold covers the gap between the rough opening and the door jamb on the exterior wall and door casing should be applied on the interior French Door Center-Hinged Door Size: R.O. Size: R.O. Required tools are as follows; level (24"), framing square, hammer, nail set, 3" galvanized finishing 5'-0" 60"x80" 5'-0" 60-5/8"x80" nails, wooden shims, wood filler
Interior Prehung Doors - 09/04/2011
oor in the closed position). The casing is set back slightly from the edge of the jamb to allow removal of the hinge pin. The leading edge of the door is beveled to give the door clearance to swing without leaving a visible gap between the closed door and the jamb on the outside. Prehung doors come hinged to their jambs. Flat Jamb Casing One Piece Flat Jamb Stop Door Casing Two Piece Split Jamb Split Jamb Door STUD ROUGH OPENING (R.O.) ALLOWANCES UNIT DIMENSIONS R.O. WIDTH R.O. HEIGHT Tools Requ
seae opalcadre fiche catalogue fr 1 - 09/04/2011
olyester paint finish. Fully wired and ready for fitting, with terminal block (2 pole + earth 2.5 mm2) ; - DIFFUSER consisting of an anodised matt aluminium frame and a opal panel made of : - methacrylate for OPALCADRE, - polycarbonate for OPALPOL ; - SECURED by 4 x N51 articulated springs allowing hinged access to the body for maintenance. DESCRIPTIF - CAISSON métallique, recevant un revêtement par poudrage polyester blanc. Entièrement câblé et prêt à la pose avec bornier 2 pôles + terre en 2,5
seae opal 20 54 fiche catalogue fr 1 - 09/04/2011
eet in U.V stabilized polystyrene, " OPALPOL 20/54 : Opal sheet in polycarbonate, shock resistant. Glow wire test 960°, " PRISPOL 20/54 : Prismatic sheet in polycarbonate, shock resistant. Glow wire test 960° ; - FRAME in extruded and anodized aluminium secured to the body by 4 N51 springs allowing hinged access to the body for maintenance. DESCRIPTIF - CAISSON métallique avec revêtement de finition par poudrage polyester blanc. Entièrement câblé et prêt à la pose avec bornier 2 pôles + terre en
Brochure EMD English 03 - 09/04/2011
GEZE AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEMS Oosterhout, Nederland GEZE Slimdrive EMD/-F, F-IS, Invers Electromechanical drive for hinged doors BEWEGUNG MIT SYSTEM GEZE Slimdrive EMD/-F, F-IS, Invers Automation with soundless ease The electromechanical drive GEZE Slimdrive EMD for swing doors is a system full of concentrated technology which ­ like all products in the Slimdrive range ­ manages to do its job with a construction heigh
TopLine 35 - 29/12/2010
lity design possible for small-size cabinets in the RTA segment. With its discreet, unobtrusive runner profile, TopLine 35 provides the ideal basis for elegant design options featuring overlay doors. The new TopLine 35 sliding door system makes it easy to change your production process from overlay hinged door to modern overlay sliding door design. There`s no simpler way: Instead of

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